The Greater Boston Police Council (GBPC) offers its members a range of services designed to help public safety managers promote effective operations. Three core services are offered by the GBPC:

Radio Communications Interoperability. The GBPC has developed and maintained the Boston Area Police Emergency Radio Network (BAPERN) since the early 1970’s as a result of a series of large-scale incidents in the Boston area that highlighted the inability of interdepartmental police officers from communicating with each other on scene. Learn more about BAPERN and view our Policies.

Incident Command Training. The GBPC provides National Incident Management System (NIMS) based Incident Command System (ICS) training to law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and other municipal personnel through its specially trained and seasoned team of instructors. Learn more about our ICS Training.

Collective Purchasing. The GBPC administers a cooperative purchasing program for items such as police cruisers, medium and heavy duty trucks, motorcycles, hybrid vehicles, and numerous other industry specific commodities. All BAPERN members, as well as any member joining the GBPC as an ASSOCIATE member, is entitled to purchase equipment from this collective bid program. Since 2004, the GBPC has partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, who acts as purchasing agent for the GBPC and issues all bids and contracts in compliance with Chapter 30B.

View a listing of our current contracts here: GBPC Contracts (MAPC web site)